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2010-05-31 14:38:44 by greenmirror11

attention all stalkers: PLEASE STOP STALKING ME

thank ya kindly



2010-05-28 22:04:58 by greenmirror11

what kinda risks are the kind you take? emotional? physical? mental? things that arnt risks, but can give you rushes like rollercoasters?

personally, i DO NOT enjoy controlled watchamacallits like roller coasters...however if theres a real life "ride" im more than willing to take it (body surf down majory rapids, tump from tall heights, rock climb...etc...etc...) i like to say im pretty good about taking emotional risks too...considering i'll pretty much almost always do something fun even if it means putting "feelings" (i put it in quotes because they arnt a factor i care about much when it comes to this) on the line. however, pitifully enough i say that when it comes to romantical issues im at a place in the middle...thats what im not gonna risk as easily...and when i say this im talking about making my feelings twoards whoever i like clear...cuz i dont wanna risk friendship if they dont feel the same...but i will sometimes

so what about you? what things hold you back, and what things do you go all out on? i wanna hear these things

descrimination,..BOTH ways

2010-05-27 21:03:41 by greenmirror11

ENOUGH!! enough discrimination, enough reverse descrimination. stop trying so hard NOT to be prejudice, youre still stereotypical!! want an example? you people who say you love gay people!! okay, so its a POSITIVE stereotype, and its better than saying you hate gay people, but realy, its just as catagorizing saying their ALL awesome or ALL anything! they're just peple! no more than you'd say you hate/love all people! i mean, if you DO hate/love all people thats your choice, even if in my opinion its not a very good one and its catagorizing people in general, but at least its EVERYONE and not singling out another group one way or another!!

i know SOOO many hypocritical people who do that all the time! they go "oh yeah, im not prejudice, i LOVE black people, or i LOVE homosexuals, or i LOVE girls (sexism)" but thats JUST AS PREJUDICE!!

so really people, stop catagorizing, one way or another, posative or negative. you cant judge a person by thier skin, gender, religion, or sex partner choices. all of that is a part of who they are obviously, but it doesnt affect the rest of them and their just the same as anyone else

100 years

2010-05-09 13:39:07 by greenmirror11

"theres neverr a wish...better than this...if ya only got 100 live" -100 years by five for fighting. when i was younger this song struck me as odd for 2 reasons.
A. most people have less than 100 years to live!
B. 100 years is a long time, what does it mean by ONLY 100 years to live??
Well i still dont think A makes sence...but i get B now. or at least i have my own idea of B, not claiming to know EXACTLY what the band was saying...but its not nonsence to me now.

chasing cars

2010-05-06 23:11:50 by greenmirror11

"lets waste time....chasing cars...around our head..." -chasing cars, by snow patrol. it seems how this is how any good relationship should be...not just romantic, but a GOOD friendship or something. the bestest parts of life are the times that you "waste" chasing cars...or something to that extent, that doesnt even turn out to feel very wasteful in you memory.

i personally like chasing cars...not just literally. just totally random... pointeless...sounds boring...and gives you the time of your life!!


2010-05-02 22:05:26 by greenmirror11 randomly screaming/singing/dancing/spazzin out in my yard i realized something...which is weird cuz mostly people dont have their brilliant moments of realization when their wiggin out in the grass...but i realized...that if i could change anything in my life, i wouldnt.

not because i love everything, there are SO many things in life that are terrible...but because of chain reactions. exmpl: if you didnt do THIS then THAT wouldnt happen, and if THAT didnt happen then THIS wouldnt happen...and you end up either a big boring blob of nothingness, or a big blob of terrible. human beings crave conflict. i wouldnt say we necissarily LIKE it, but we NEED it...especially in the big picture


2010-04-27 22:03:42 by greenmirror11

"you...could learn to love the n everyday. you...could learn to love the change..." -Waves, by Luc andd the lovingtons, a band i've recently discovered the album of, and is pretty good. this particular quote, is a line from the chorus of my favorite song of theirs...and i've been thinking about it.

one of the middle verses refers to negativity drown by the thinking that it'll pass, (the waves) and other bits are refering just to change in general (change, duh) and while i love this advice and give it to people all the time...i realize it doesnt actually help me very much, due to the fact that i love the waves and change too much for my own good. im not directing this blog at anyone in particular, or even expect anyone to read it as previous comments on what i've written here have been "you actually expect someone to read this?" which i dont. i pretty much am just thinking out loud.

so what if a persons problem ISNT learning to cope with changes in life, but that they have a BURRNING desire for more waves in their life? so much in fact to the point where they make dumb, or pointless, occasionally harmful decisions? i've pretty much mastered that. so far nothing i've done has caused damage, but its only a matter of time.

people talk and talk about dealing with the curveballs life throws at you...but it seems like the life in my life has a broken arm or something cuz it feels like im tackleing the pitcher for the ball at the moment.

c'mon! give me some waves to surf on!


2010-04-26 22:49:15 by greenmirror11

hmmmm...after recently reading a book called jump, i've aquired a new part-time motto: "what would you do if you werent afraid?" what WOULD i do if i wasnt afraid? now i dont get afraid easily, im not just talking about things like horror movies and stuff, im talking about life stuff.

what would you do if you werent afraid? take more chances? i gotta friend who has another friend who's a total bitch to her, but is to afraid to leave because she feels like thats the only thing she's got and she doesnt wanna end up without anything to hold on to. however i've been doing that pretty much my whole life, not sticking with a certain thing, switching life up a bit. i hate consistancy and patterns. and while things sometimes become not-so-great and im alone for a bit, it all ends up okay and as it turns out i have more fun than i were if i got stuck in a rut

my point: dont be afraid to freefall through life. most of the wrongs steps people take in life is when they dont walk. and when your about to die, your more likely to regret the things you didnt do more than the things you did do. this turned out longer than i intended, but every word of it is truth.
what would you do if you werent afraid? how about, what will you do even though you ARE afraid?



2010-04-25 16:22:47 by greenmirror11

hey all!! i spontaneously decided i wanted to give "shout out" or praise, to music. music's a big part of my, and many many others' life, and i feel like it needs a general blurb of recognition. THANK YOU MUSIC FOR EXISTING, AND THANK YOU MUSICIANS OF THE WORLD WHO KEEP IT GOING!!

a blurb of life

2010-04-03 14:04:33 by greenmirror11

Random blurbs of life may seem insignificant...and may BE insignificant. but sometimes the insignificant things are what not necissarily matters the most, but is the most facinating.
people get so wrapped up in "important" things, that life seems dull, because the tiny key moments were shrugged off.
if the propper attention is givin to each moment, life will be much more riviting.
or you'll just be pissed cause you wasted time.
every persons life has funny, treasurable, fun moments in if it doesnt seem like your's does, your not looking.