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2010-06-20 19:31:14 by greenmirror11

aaaahhhhgg! completely addicted to it!!! ACTUALLY, thats how i found out about newgrounds...pretty cool...yeahhhh...who else like-ith the FB?


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2010-06-20 19:36:28

Addiction to things on the internet is bad...

greenmirror11 responds:

kayy? good fresh insight on that i guess...although i disagree if its a healthy addiction...and its WAAAAAY better than an addiction to something else like smoking, drinking, video games, etc...


2010-06-20 20:10:54 poopy

greenmirror11 responds:

uuhhhh one question


2010-06-21 06:55:26


greenmirror11 responds:



2010-06-21 19:40:30

I LOVE being addicted 2 the Internet. Since whenever I go terrible things happen! But I am not a Facebook/Myspace/Twitter User. Apparently those kinds of websites are dangerous! But Huzzah 2 Internet Addiction!

greenmirror11 responds:

i dont use myspace or twitter but you GOTTA try facebook, its AMAZING! if you mean dangerous as in people finding you and stalking you over the internet you control EVERYthing that anyone see's. also, you can pick wich things anyone in the world can see, or just your friends, or just friends of friends...etc...
if you mean dangerous like viruses and stuff damaging your computer it doesnt do that either