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a todlers forbidden snack?

2010-06-14 22:41:06 by greenmirror11

okay WOAH! i was just informed of a past experience long enough ago to have forgoten bout...getting banned from bringing goGurts to day care. anyone else remember gogurts? considering they're probably still around im guessing remember isnt the right word...its just i personally totally forgot about them. i DO remember used to loving them and saying over and over again "they have EXACTLY 10 gramms of sugar mom! 10 grams!"

weellll...apparently i dont handle "10 gramms" of sugar very well and was therefore asked (when i took one every day to preschool as a snack) to please leave them at home and never bring them again =(

what tretchery! just plain cruel...
aah memories


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2010-06-14 22:46:03

Yeah i remember wow that's hrash don't you think?

greenmirror11 responds: