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matrix vs reality

2010-06-04 01:33:38 by greenmirror11

kay so im not saying the matrix is REAL, im just saying certain aspects of the abilities of neo and others in that movie is actually realistic. the human, controlling only 10% or less of their brain, pretty much has a reality created by its perception. most peoples perception, is natural (for example we dont need to conciously think to hear a sound and recognize what it is) however if we can learn to CONTROL more of our brain, and therefore our perception, we can also controll what kind of a reality we face in life.

for the most part, the brain accepts what our perception tells us...because subconciously everyone trusts themselves more than anything else, and if yourself is telling you you smell pie, you're going to believe you.

QUESTION perception. TAKE BACK your mind. SHAPE reality. unless of course you dont want to...this is partial fact mixed with my own theories...and i think its worth testing
oh yeah, time is also just all relative.
maybe you CAN dodge not really advising you to test that theory...just a thought though...


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